Friday, March 9, 2012

AMF Nimble

Well, been away in California for work for a few weeks, am home for a few days.  Ordered new tires, tubes and rim strips for the Sheffield from Bike Tires Direct.  In the mean time, I found this AMF Nimble step thru frame.  Was in pretty good shape and cleaned up nicely.  Wish I never sold my men's Nimble.  Oh well. Will take better pictures when weather is better.  Tires for the Sheffield should be back on my return from California so I can finish it up.  Need to then focus on the Hercules and finish that up.


  1. Looking good.....
    I have just found your blog and have linked in as a follower...
    I too am a cancer survivor and cycling enables me to make each day count....


    1. Thanks for the link Trevor! I am a five year colon cancer survivor and yes, cycling does help me count each day too.


  2. My mother is a breast cancer survivor.

  3. I just found a Mens one in pretty good shape. Do you know what year it would be?

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  5. It is hard to pinpoint exact date, but would think it is early/mid 70's.

  6. I just bought an AMF Nimble at a garage sale. The saddle needs to be replaced - but the seat post is of unknown size. What post size do you recommend? I'm assuming it's the same size as yours.
    Congratulations on beating cancer! Keep up the good work!