Sunday, September 30, 2012

Royal Scot

Got a 1971 Royal Scot from a guy who brought it down when he moved from Michigan.  I pretty good shape.  Rides nice.  Just needs some new tires and a new shift pulley.  Started cleaning the front end of the bike and rims.  Will tackle brakes and other pieces next week.  Found that decals for this are available.  Has the original Brooks saddle.  Plan on making this a regular rider!!!


Saturday, September 29, 2012


Ok, it has been awhile, but decided to finish the Hercules and be done with it.  I was worried about keeping things original, but got tired of worrying about it and just have some fun.  Since the old rear hub was bad, got a new set of wheels, tires, tubes and rim strips. The old hub was stamped 71, replaced it with a 1985 model.  I reversed the North Road handlebars and made it sort of Club bike. New brake and shifter cables and housing.  I left that chain guard on, and fiddled with the rear fender for what seemed like a whole day trying to get the stays right.  Had to get a new chain (1/8") and removed a few links to make it fit.  Need just a few little things like bar end grips and a new fulcrum clip (the shift wire keeps slipping at the fulcrum point).  Otherwise rides nice.  Really am thinking of doing some mini "tweed runs" at a local park since things are cooling off.  Would love to try to get to the Lake Pepin Tour one year!!!

Ordered some vintage leather sewn up grips off eBay, now looking for fulcrum and 1 inch fulcrum clip.  Would eventually like to put some retro looking lights on it.

Anyway, am concentrating on the British bikes and coming up next is a 1971 Royal Scot in very good condition!!!!!