Thursday, December 29, 2011

1970 Hercules

Picked up a 1970 Hercules a few days after Christmas.  Has a Sturmey Archer AW hub with 70 stamped on it, so I assume it is 70's. The bike had a lot of grime and grease on it, had the incorrect fender stays, and someone did a terrible job on the cranks as the cotters were not installed 180 degrees apart.  Also, the drive side was very loose and the threads were stripped on the cotter.  After some banging and coaxing, was able to get some thread to bite and was able to remove the drive side cranks.  The non-drive side came off fine.  I really should break down and get a cotter press.  Anyway, disassembled the bike, took lots of pictures and started to degrease and clean up the pieces/parts with Chore Boy, WD 40 and soap and water. All parts were stamped "Made in England," except the pedals which were made in Germany.  The paint on the frame is fair, but the chain guard has some wear down to the factory black primer.  The decaling is fair, so took dare in cleaning those areas.  Seat was not original, so will need to find a replacement.  Also need to get a new trigger shift, brake pads, fender stays, rim strips, tubes, tires, and of course new crank cotters.  Coming up, bottom bracket maintenance!!!!


  1. checking in and requesting visits here and again. Good luck with your blog and remember to update as much as possible to keep them coming. If you need anything from up here in New England, please don't be afraid to ask!