Friday, November 23, 2012


While waiting for new parts to come in, I went ahead and started to tear down the Triumph.  Went over all chrome parts with a wire brush in my Dremel tool, bleached and cleaned the white brake and shift cable housings, dripped oil into the brake and shift cable housing and lubed up.  De-greased and washed up the frame.  The bike was missing the rear reflector, but I had a extra laying around from a parts bike.  Tires and tubes should be here on Tuesday.  Shift fulcrum and pulley tomorrow.  The plastic fulcrum was very brittle and broke into many small pieces.  This is why I like to get the steel fulcrum and pulley and replace them.  Plastic parts after 40+ years just can not be trusted. Aslo got a black brass bell coming.

Tear Down

Replacement Reflector

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