Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gents Triumph

Picked up a 71 Triumph this evening. In pretty decent shape.  Missing the rear reflector on the fender and a rear brake pad (how did that get lost???).  Will be minimal clean up, no heavy deposits.  Will also re-lube everything.  Will get some salmon Kool Stop pads for it.  Later on, the usual stuff: bell, lights, saddle bag, new steel fulcrum and pulley.  Tires are in ok shape, but thinking on some white walls instead of gum walls this time.  Has a Minnesota sticker on it.


  1. I had a stepthrough frame like that one same color and all. looks great.

  2. Thanks Dan. I have a blue on with the step thru frame, but this one in better condition!

  3. i just picked up an identical frame only it is a royal scot. just starting to rehab it now.