Sunday, October 21, 2012

Raleigh Sports

I had a nice young lady contact me about a 3 speed she had.  She always wanted one, so on Mothers Day, she purchased a 1971 Raleigh Sports off eBay from someone in Michigan.  She realized the bike needed several new parts and she did a very good job securing what was needed.  She just needed it brought back to life.  So, over the weekend, her and her husband brought me a bike and boxes of parts.  This is what I got:

So I worked on it most of the day Saturday and a little today.  So now this is what it looks like:

This is after going through 2 cans of WD 40, a dozen Dremel wire wheel brushed, several bronze and copper pads, a can of citrus de-greaser, re-packed bearings, new cables and brake pads, chrome polish and the other things I forgot about! Still have a way to go, but am having fun!


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